Friday, September 12, 2008

Well, it's about time!

Okay, so it's about time I stopped putting this off and got started. I set up this blog way back in July, but kept putting off starting it up. You know how it is - Well, I want to start with something profound but not offputting. Or: I'm going to be out of town and I want to start when I'm going to be here and can develop the habit of blogging. Or: If I were to start today, I'm so pissed off that it would just be a rant.

Then, of all things, I discovered that one of my dear d-i-ls had started a Blogger Blog! And I felt that if I started mine she would feel that I was trying to steal her thunder. Which is stupid for two reasons: 1. She's not that kind of person; 2. We have distinctly different styles and write about different kinds of things. Okay, three reasons: 3. Blogs are personal.

So today, I start. Tomorrow maybe you'll get the rant, but today it's just stuff.

I am a frustrated writer. I've had a few things published. I even got paid for a couple of them, but mostly it's been the occasional Letter to the Editor. I love to voice my opinion (as you'll learn if you read this very often), and I love language. I don't think I'll ever write the Great American Novel, and I don't even think I want to. I'm more of a personal experience/opinion (see what I mean?)/observation type of writer. Along with the occasional spiritual insight.

After my mom died in 1992, I spent the next year or so transcribing her memoirs. Someday I hope to get them in a form that is publishable. I'm now in the process of transcribing my grandfather's memoirs. I've been working on them for about a year and should have them done by 2020. Maybe sooner, but I'm not holding my breath! His memoirs sat in a box for many years, then were donated by my mom (his daughter) to the University of Florida, where they sat in several boxes for a lot more years. A couple of years ago, my cousins went to the University and made copies. They sent them to me (at my request) and I work on them when I'm not traveling, goofing off, reading, watching my grandson, or drinking wine. Now, of course, they'll fall a bit further down the list so I can blog.

In the meantime, this gives me an outlet for my thoughts and ideas, and maybe I'll meet some new people who will inspire me to write more and procrastinate less.

For now, I think I'll take a nap...

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  1. Welcome!
    :) You certainly have not stolen my thunder. We are two different kinds of storms, in different proverbial internet locations, and the decision to start mine and the decision to start yours were entirely, as you said, separate and personal.

    If you ever want blogging tips (how to get readership, etc) or tricks (the actual how-tos)I'd be happy to help. :)