Friday, October 3, 2008

Good job, Joe!

I watched the VP debate last night with my neighbors. I confess that I was curious to see the "train wreck" that most everyone anticipated. Would Palin fall on her face? Would Biden clobber all of us with his verbosity? I confess that I've never been a big Joe Biden fan and was a bit underwhelmed with Obama chose him for his running mate. However, I was simply offended by McCain's choice - as if just anyone with two x-chromosomes would pacify the women in this country!

I came away from the debate with new respect for Palin's ability to learn quickly, but still appalled at the lack of depth in her. To be fair, a degree in journalism achieved through attendance at five different universities/colleges, doesn't really prepare one for the world stage, but she did seem to learn her "talking points" fairly quickly.

On the other hand, Joe Biden's depth of understanding and ability to really talk about issues was apparent. Yes, he may be a Washington "insider," but I don't find that as damning as some do. I frankly think we need someone who understands that "history is prologue," not someone who looks confused at the quote.  I liked it that he could reference Mike Mansfield and was ready with information about his and Obama's votes as well as those of John McCain. For Palin to chide him for looking backwards instead of forwards was, to me, simply another indication that she has no breadth of knowledge about who we are as a nation.

The admonition of George Santayana should be evidence enough that this inherent reluctance to know how we got here would result in more of the past eight years if the McCain/Palin ticket should win election next month. We desperately need an administration who understands that "past is prologue," not one that thinks we can wipe the slate clean in January and pretend that we haven't lost the respect of most of the rest of the world!

Let us come back to our senses in this country that I love. Let us restore our place on the international stage. Let us remember that we are a free country and cherish our freedoms. Let us regain some measure of unity among our people. Let us set aside the hatred and division that has been the hallmark of the current administration and its party. Let us begin with real change.

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  1. A beautiful expression of my beliefs! (except I have always liked Joe Biden) The bar was set so low for Palin that it wasn't difficult for her to succeed in the debate. Learning information for this debate in no way enables her to be VP.