Friday, January 21, 2011

To Addison and Drew, with love

My days as Granny Nanny
Are drawing to a close;
I've fixed your lunch, I've wiped your bottoms,
I've even washed your clothes!

I've rocked you till you fell asleep,
I've held you when you cried;
I've tickled chubby tummies;
I've given a thousand horsie rides!

You've filled my days with untold joy,
You've made me very proud;
I've played with each and every toy,
We've giggled and laughed out loud!

I'll miss my days' beginnings
With joyful, lovely faces,
I'll miss our trips to parks and gyms
And other exciting places.

You've grown and learned so very much
And I treasure each memory;
But time moves on, as people say,
And, my sweethearts, so must we.

I know that I'll still see you
And we'll still have time together,
Not quite the same, but this won't change:
I'll love you both forever!


  1. Thank you, Addison! Your compliments mean a lot to me.

    Love, Gran

  2. Well, this just about made me cry.....I so appreciate everything you do and have done for B&b, Addison and Drew. Thank you! Love Linda

  3. Seems like our grandchildren grow way faster than their parents. Probably because it was easier to step back and just enjoy them so much. Time goes faster when you're having fun.

  4. Oh Cheryle, you're quite the poet! What a lovely, lovely way to commemorate your time with those little buggers. You are wonderful. :)