Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sshhh - it might be Spring!

Here in the part of the country often referred to as the "Pacific NorthWet," we take Spring pretty darned seriously. It is arguably our most beautiful time of the year once it deigns to arrive.

Frankly, we don't really expect the daily rain to subside until July 5th or thereabouts, but we are occasionally graced with some truly beautiful days before then.

Inevitably, though, just as we are glorying in the budding trees, the clouds will roll in and the rain will once again dampen our streets, frizz (or uncurl) our hair, derail our plans, and send us scurrying indoors for family celebrations.

Jim and I enjoyed having Ada and Addison for Friday, Friday night, and Saturday, while their parents enjoyed some couple time and a good night's rest. We colored eggs on Saturday - no photos, though; it was a very intense 20 minutes and I didn't dare leave long enough to get my camera!

We also went to the park - twice! - and had fun in the sunny, but somewhat chilly, weather.

The kids were returned to their respective parents on Saturday, but arrived again this afternoon to find that the Easter Bunny had visited Gran and Grandpa's house, leaving lots of fun things for them. They brought their moms and dads, along with Ada's grandma and uncle. We had lots of good food, fun, and general hilarity.

In the midst of our celebration, we also had a vist from Mr. & Mrs. Mallard D. Ducks. This is the third year we've been their fast-food restaurant of choice and they know they can always find cracked corn in the yard.

We know that Mallards do not mate for life, so we're not certain if it's Mr. or Mrs. who always finds his or her way back, but we're so happy to see them that we don't ask questions.

In a few weeks, our rhodies, azaleas, fuschias, and honeysuckle will fill our yard with riotous color and we'll bask in warmer, rain-free days on the deck. Till then, we gratefully welcome the brief respites from rain, the bright faces of children, and the return of "our" ducks!

I think it might be Spring!


  1. One of the many reasons I read your blog is to see how the Northwest lives. While I'm not sure I would do well in such a rainy climate, we in the Great Lakes states still have brown lawns, no flowers, and below normal temps that most of us believe will reign until June! We have often had snow on Easter so this un-snowy Easter was cause for celebration simply because no white stuff appeared!

  2. We had our usual White Easter yesterday. But today I was grilling steaks outside for dinner.