Sunday, February 8, 2009

You're no longer relevant

I want to relish the thoughts of a granddaughter and enjoy the planning that Jim and I are doing for travels this Spring. I want to bask in the glow of a new Presidency, and delight in the knowledge that the Oval Office is now occupied by a man who understands and cares about both the history and the future of this nation.

What I don't want to do is think about Dick Cheney.

However, he has insinuated himself into the public consciousness again this past week, and has violated a longstanding, if unwritten, code of conduct regarding new administrations. Oh, he's not the only one of Bush's administration to act out in the manner of petulant children, but he's been the most vocal. And, given the recent history of our nation, he is arguably the most dangerous.

Mr. Cheney still supports the suspension of civil rights for detainees at Guantanamo. He either fails to understand or, more likely, just doesn't care that civil rights are not just for select individuals. If they are, then who, exactly, gets to make the selection? If you think it doesn't matter, ask Oregon attorney Brandon Mayfield who suffered mightily under the so-called Patriot Act, which allows the government to suspend an individual's rights. Think of the horror of having this happen to your family!

Mr. Cheney has also continued to defend the use of torture, including that torture known as waterboarding. By defending this reprehensible action, Mr. Cheney has de facto agreed that the US will not object should such tactics be used against our own military. After all, how can you take the righteous high road for your own people when you care not at all for the people of other nations?

I believe that Cheney - who was almost frighteningly silent during the waning days of the Bush Administration - is now feeling the loss of power, the impotence, perhaps, of a man who is no more important than anyone else. The trappings of power are gone and I think he can't deal with it. Therefore he feels compelled to attack the current administration in a futile attempt to make himself look better.

Give it up, Dickie Boy. You just aren't relevant anymore.


  1. I agree, he just doesn't care about the rights of others. I too wish he would just go away quietly. Unfortunately I think he will end up slinking off with his black heart to do more of what he does best.

  2. Well said. Cheney's cronyism with Halliburton was what convinced me how much of a sleeze ball he really was. Will be great to see him fade into obscurity.

  3. Did you hear that Darth Vadar called and asked SNL to no longer compare him to Dick Cheney?

    I have no doubt that Cheney was running Bush as a puppet too much of the time and agree that his continuing commentary is so he isn't forgotten. Seems, though, that the RNC is largely ignoring him -- thank goodness. Maybe if the media and citizenry starts to ignore him he will slither off into the swamp.