Thursday, December 18, 2008

A company that has earned my loyalty

I heard a report on last night's news that I had heard before, but had forgotten. I think it bears mention on my blog and I hope that others of you will share it on your blogs as well.

Sears (formerly Sears, Roebuck) far exceeds the standards and requirements of providing for their employees who are called up to active duty in the military. In addition to holding their jobs for them, as required by law, Sears pays the difference between what they make in the military and what they earn as a Sears employee; they accrue to them all benefits - vacation time, raises, bonuses - as if they were still working for the company.

At a time when corporations are "rewarding" their employees with layoffs, Sears deserves not only our gratitude but our shopping loyalty. This is truly a company that understands that loyalty is a two-way street and one that epitomizes the spirit of this season all year long!

For more on their programs, be sure to read this. And don't forget to read about their Heroes at Home Program as well.


  1. That is huge. There is often quite a difference between a persons normal salary and their military pay. I had no idea Sears was doing this.

    I haven't been to Sears in years, but I just might have to stop in the next time I need something.

  2. Some notes, at random:
    1) While executives and managers who are called to active duty probably do take a pay cut, I can tell you that active duty E-2s make more money than most retail clerks.

    2) The Naval command where I am has forbidden its Sailors to participate in the Heroes at Home program, because the command feels that participation would be in violation of the policy of not using the uniform or service for personal gain.

    3) Sears has superior childrens' clothing (Toughskins, which endure anything and can be exchanged if they fail to do so, and TKS basics which always coordinate beautifully with themselves, to name a few), generally more appealing shoe selection (especially if you just need conservative styles), and very fair prices. I love them.